Our Mission

At CryptoAlpha, our mission is to give cryptocurrency investors an unfair edge by delivering highly relevant and actionable information at speeds and accuracy that cannot be achieved manually. We minimize the information-assymetry gap between insiders and the masses of investors.

Our Approach and Solutions

Better Way & Smarter Way

Unique Investment Strategy & Ideas approach

Our time-proven idea generation centers on finding underappreciated investment themes and opportunities in Cryptocurrency. From our popular “Off-The-Grid” datasets to in-depth coverage of behavioral finance concepts, we help make your investment process more robust and effective.

Robust Model for Alpha Return generation

We provide institutional-equivalent quantitative models built by our team of experienced data scientists and financial engineers. Our proprietary machine learning model actively screens 1000+ quantitative & qualitative information sources – from leading news sites and social media sentiment, to real-time global market data – and simulates it statistically to identify the factors that drive prices. Our live simulator converts massive amounts of raw data into actionable insights and trading signals.

Actionable Insights with Speed

We believe information alone is not enough. Our Machine Learning model delivers statistically proven and actionable insights at speeds that are impossible to be achieved by humans, to give investors an edge on the market. We close the information-assymetry gap between independent investors and insiders.

Our services


We provide counselling services about strategic financial investment for Asia and US market.


We provide market-proven FinTech models for financial institutions based on their own business portfolios, including a wide range of machine learning and deep learning models.


We provided high-quality, multi-dimensional financial data (quantitative/qualitative), index data and other related data for financial institutions.

How The CryptoAlpha Ecosystem Works

CryptoAlpha is the first decentralized market intelligence platform for crypto. It all starts with the Alpha token.

Being a Alpha token holder gives you access to CryptoAlpha’s cutting edge crypto financial intelligence through two primary channels: 1) financial media and 2) trading technology.

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About us

We come to work every day because we are passionate about solving one of the biggest problems in cryptocurrency investment: guesswork. Everyone is guessing. Traders don’t know what coins to trade, and when to trade them. Investors don’t know what the current market sentiments are, and what factors are fundamentally driving the price movement.

Throughout the history of investment and trading, people have used data to make more informed decisions. We bring that decision making process one step forward. Our machine learning model gives investors actionable insights and relevant data within a time frame as short as minutes to help daily (or even hourly) investment decisions.

Leverage real-time insights, market sentiment, investment trends, and expertise to stay a step ahead in the cryptocurrency trading market. You can also run simulations using our statistically tested data sets to get live trading signals on a daily basis.

The CryptoAlpha team comprises experienced financial experts and data scientists, computer science and data science PhDs, qualified CFA holders, former investment bankers, and equity researchers.